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NEW PREMISES….at last!!


Having outgrown the shop at Vallum Farm it was time for change. As many of you will know in 2022 we were looking for a new home for the business.

So after a lot of searching and considering all our options, we found unit 11, Halifax Court in Dunston, 3 mins from M&S Metro Centre.

We offer the same services as we did previously, plus one or two more.


Upcycling furniture continuing to be one of our passions. From restoration and complete furniture stripping and finishing to repurposing old units into quirky cocktail cabinets, Parker Knolls into Halabala sheepskin chairs and much more.

  • Colour consulting

  • Interior Design

  • Commissioned artwork

  • Handmade Lampshades

  • Soft furnishings

  • Upholstery & restoration

  • Fabrics & Wallpaper

  • Interior & furniture paints

  • Creative workshops

  • Icelandic sheepskins

  • Candles & home scents

  • Ceramics & glassware

Darren is a painter & decorator (very handy!) who also sprays furniture, kitchen doors and units, UPVC doors, window frames and so together we’re offering more ways to bring your homes up to date in a sustainable way.

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