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  • Transport yourself to a realm of tranquility and inspiration with the BYOBU wallpaper design. This is a premium, wallpaper by Mind The Gap in Transylvania.

    Imbued with the essence of traditional Japanese artistry, this captivating design captures the intricate beauty of eastern symbolism. Reminiscent of the ornate wind walls of Japanese culture adorned with decorative paintings and calligraphy, this wallpaper creates a uniquely serene atmosphere. Delicate blossoms, graceful birds, and flowing calligraphy dance across the surface, accented by bold hues of red and green against a golden backdrop, each element carefully highlighted in this intricate composition. Printed over three meticulously crafted rolls on metallic foil on non-woven paper, this designer wallpaper envelops your space in a cocoon of comfort and leisure, inviting you to unwind in its luxurious embrace.



    Full design size printed over 3 rolls:    3 rolls x 52 x 300 cm / 20.5 x 118.1 in


    Roll width: 0.52m / 20.5in


    Roll length: 3m / 118in


    Repeat: 150cm / 59in


    Surface:  Gold foil


    Application:  Paste the wall


    All MINDTHEGAP wallpapers are made on new generation non-woven substrate. Printed with eco-friendly inks, this  wallpaper is easy to install on any wall type. When hanging the wallpaper, apply a ready-mixed wallpaper adhesive paste onto the flat smooth wall and hang the strips one by one by butting the edges together. The adhesive allows for movement while adjusting the wallpaper strips, so that the wallpaper pattern continues correctly from one strip to another.

    Byobu - Metallic edition wallpaper by Mind the Gap

    PriceFrom £3.00
    • This range of designer wallpapers are created and made in Transylvania. Combining the impact of a mural with traditional wallpaper repeats, our wallcoverings are manufactured in-house by using modern and traditional technologies. Eclectic and evocative, our timeless wallpaper collections take inspiration from our region's diverse ethnic heritage, paying homage to art, architecture, culture and rituals from all four corners of the globe.



      Our wallpaper is produced on a non-woven substrate of the latest generation. Printed with eco friendly inks, MINDTHEGAP wallpaper can be applied on any type of interior wall, by simply pasting adhesive on to the wall and then applying each strip, one by one, forming a seamless, continuous design.
      Most of our wallpapers come in boxes of 3 rolls (strips), each having a size of 52cm width and 300cm in length. One box of MINDTHEGAP wallpaper can cover up to 4.65sqm (50,4 sft) of surface, with precise repeat patterns. Some designs come in rolls of 10mt length.

      For few of our wallcoverings, the pattern is created on a large scale, with each of three rolls different, cut and matched to ensure a bold, perfect mural.


      For more details on how to apply the MINDTHEGAP wallpaper, please see our Installation Guide.



      Our wallpaper is washable. To clean it off, please use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe the surface. Due to the printing process, some residue ink may come off the first time you clean the wallpaper. However, this does not affect the true colors in the design or the quality of the material.
      Always wipe off the wallpaper vertically. Never apply any kind of taping mask on the surface of the wallpaper, as this may affect the integrity of the design, which is printed on the surface.


      For a higher protection of the wallcovering, especially for bathrooms, kitchens or other humid areas, we recommend to use a protective varnish.



      All our wallpapers are tested and certified for fire rating according to the international legislation. More information and official reports regarding the fire rating are available on demand.



      The inks used for our prints are certified to comply with the Nordic Swan Environmental Standard. Our inks are odorless, with a very high durability, all wastes being responsibly disposed of. All fibers used to produce the wall coverings originate from sustainable managed forests, being FSC Certified.

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